The Infinity Solution


This is a new thriller series is set in the modern world with a touch of science fiction, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and romantic elements in a similar vein to Sandy's other thrillers.


Delve further into the series, buy TO KILL AGAIN and TO DIE AGAIN.


Pledge of the Infinity Project Scientists


For ten thousand years, we commit to live on Earth searching for the answer to save our race. Whatever the burden, the trials, the sacrifice, we will stay the course. Live among humans. Perfect our given talents. Maintain our heritage. Leave as little trace as possible while we labor to discover a viable solution to our problem. As always, Infinitas life energy is sacrosanct, to be valued above all else. (Engraved into the Concilium dais 616 IC, 10 IP, Translation 5044 IP)



The books will alternate between two groups of characters as the overall story arc develops; the FBI Infinitas Squad, and secretive, legendary Infinitas soldiers called the Umbra. The books below are presented in suggested reading order.

Books of the Infinity Solution: Blurbs and Excerpts