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A soldier who kills to protect the sacred energy of life.

A woman who wields that energy without knowing the cost.

An enemy who will exploit their weaknesses to destroy the Infinity Project.

Chad Ridley, a soldier of the legendary Umbra, believes that humans hold the answer to his people’s survival. As a result, he will do whatever is necessary to ensure the Infinity Project continues. That effort includes forfeiting one of his lives to imprison a rogue soldier beneath the ocean.


Trapped together in a watery stasis since WWII, that prison has safely endured until today when American salvage diver Valerie McDermott inadvertently sets them free. The killing begins again.

The fight for survival is on…and someone will die.



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A woman who doesn’t die.

A human who isn’t easy to kill.

A man who murders for power.

Death doesn’t come easy to Dr. Mona Signoretti, who is closing in on a killer she has tracked for two thousand years. As part of a special FBI unit, her failure to stop him puts at risk the population of Earth as well as the mission to save her part-human race from destruction.


When Mona’s undercover role is discovered, and her life-sustaining energy threatened, human FBI agent, Grant Thornton, is assigned to work the case and keep her alive—not an easy task in a world where enemies refuse to die.