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THE MACINNESS TRILOGY- by Sandy and Julie Moffett

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In August 1692, an innocent man accused of witchcraft hangs in Salem, Massachusetts. His death reignites a deadly feud between the descendants of two ancient Scottish clans – MacGow and MacInness. Both clans have long had unusual and even mystical powers. The feud escalates until the MacGow descendant casts a black curse that condemns those men who wed a MacInness to an early death. Yet, according to clan tradition, the MacInness have one century to lift the curse. If the curse can be broken within that time, it shall be reflected back upon Clan MacGow. If not, then the curse shall be set on Clan MacInness for an eternity. Nearly one hundred years later in Salem, three sisters are separated in early childhood. None of them know about the other, and each has a unique unearthly talent – fire, sight and healing. When their natural mother returns to town, the sisters are stunned to discover they are the descendants of the Clan MacInness and have only three months left to refine their special talents and break the deadly curse . . . or lose the men they love forever.  

The Salem's Academy For Ladies Series

Asked to write a Halloween themed Romance Novella, Sandy created Salem's Academy for Young Ladies. She had so much fun that plans are afoot to team up with Julie again and revisit the "magical" sailing town once infamous for the Salem witch trials.

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