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Sandy's contemporary stories hike up the action, adding savvy villians, high stake challenges, and a team of multi-faceted characters. So sit back, settle in, and get to know Hawker Incorporated's reclusive owner, Graham Dunlop, and his team of talented heroes who steal back high-end aircraft . . . that is, of course, after they find them.

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Former military test pilot Jet has taken on work for Dunlop, a specialist in difficult, ellusive, and highly profitable recoveries. Her fellow teammates believe she works for the thrill or money, but in truth she is striving to keep her mom and the family Vegas fly-in casino in business.

Reclusive, supposedly because of the many threats on his life, Dunlop has a passion for his two favorite countries, Britain and the US. He keeps his identity from everyone on the reposession team except for his long time friend, Gregori, who shares a secret background with the man he calls Hawker.

His friends call him Gregori. This moody Greek lawyer, who appears as at-home in athletic gear as he does a suit, is a specialist in corporate law and digs into villians' backgrounds to discover what they'd prefer to leave buried. This son of a shipping magnate has his own agenda, stemming in part from the murder of his older brother years ago.

Lenny is frequently the victim of his own cons, but this pick-pocketing, big-talking, ex-New Yorker, knows low-lifes like the back of his hand. When a plane disappears, he puts his nose to the ground and sniffs out the location. He's doing his best to stay on the right side of the law to impress the new love in his life...the hottest mechanic in town, Roxy.

Roxy grew up following in her father's grease-stained mechanic footsteps as they worked on aircraft, cycles, and about anything that moved. She gets uber focused when on a job, right down to her nails, which she paints to match the country of operation.

Ian is a buddy of Dunlop's who works for the CIA. In what capacity, Graham isn't sure, but it must be high up. Whenever he runs across funky things during a repo, he lets Ian know. All is not smooth sailing between the two, though, because hiding secrets from one another is a quick way to end a friendship.

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